Infiniti QX70

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CO2 Emissions: 225 g/km
Fuel Economy: 32.8mpg
Engine Size: 2,993cc

The Infiniti QX70 (previously Infiniti FX) SUV is a big car, with big engines.

QX70 has an interior that combines a tasteful look with first-rate build quality. The seats are sculpted, highly adjustable, and can be heated and vented. They're just about as comfortable as seats get.

The Infiniti QX70 escapes all classification. It’s a luxury crossover of high reward, unabashedly bold design and surprising versatility. And yet, it’s motivated by the soul of a sports car.

Whether you choose from the two petrol options or the single diesel version, you fill find performance to match any demand that you place on your Infiniti QX70 vehicle. Aside from powerful engines, state-of-the-art technology is utilised to boost this further.​


A welcoming and evocative space, measured by its ability to stir your emotions.


Award-winning build quality, fuel efficiency and output can be measured with instruments or graphs, but the true excellence of Infiniti engines is in the feeling unleashed as you drive.


On its surface you’ll find spacious luxury. At its foundation—the thrilling dynamics of Infiniti Direct Response performance engineering.


The advanced technologies of Infiniti InSuite™ simplify tasks and anticipate your needs as they keep you in touch with and in control of your world.


The Infiniti Dynamic Safety Shield concept—our comprehensive approach to safety—layers technologies to monitor conditions, help you avoid a collision, and help protect you and your passengers if one occurs.

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Infiniti QX70 360° View

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