Service Tips - Brake Noise

We have put together some helpful advice about the brake system, which will help you recognise normal noises that may hear from time to time. Below are examples of the causes of each type of noise which may occur from your brakes. However we suggest that if you aren't sure if your brakes are safe to book into one of our service departments to get them checked.

Grinding Noise

This noise is common on both rear drum brakes and some front disc brake systems, especially during the first few stops after being parked overnight. This is primarily due to formation of light rust on the metal surface during vehicle non-use.

Squeak / Squeal Noise

This typically occurs at the front, semi-metallic brake linings at medium speeds when you apply light pressure on the brake pedal. It may also occur on rear brakes if they are cold or during the first few stops.

Groan Noise

On automatic vehicles, a slight groan may be heard when coming to an abrupt stop or when allowing the vehicle to creep forward slowly.

ABS Self Check Noise

The ABS system carries out a self check every time you start the engine and pull away. The vibration induced by thi sel check causes a series of noises which are normal. If the brake pedal is applied a slight pulsation of the brake pedal may also be felt during the self-test procedure.

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