Electric Vehicle Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What charger do I need for my car?

A. UK 3-pin - this is standard UK house-hold charger which can be plugged straight into your 13amp socket. Type 2 - adapted charger for your EV or PHEV. Rapid charger - 'quick charge' version of a Type 2.

Q. Will I get 'Range Anxiety' in my Electric Vehicle?

A. It's all about choosing the right car for you. On average 95% of the UK population who drive complete just 25 miles per day. Most electric cars achieve 80+ miles on one-full charge, often more. Therefore an electric car may be the right choice of vehicle. There may often be a time where your round journey is more than 80 miles, if so, it's simply a matter of planning your journey. There are now over 15,000 charge points across the UK at over 5,000 different locations which anyone can use.

Q. How much money am I likely to save?

A. According to the official government website the average driver will save £645 every year just on fuel and tax driving a fully electric car compared to a diesel. PHEV less, but still hundreds of pounds per annum.

Q. How long will it take to charge my Electric Vehicle?

A. It really does vary between car and charger, most Rapid charge's take up to 2 hours. Type 2 charges can take 5-6 hours on average. A standard 3-pin home charge will usually take 12 hours which is the longest, yet perfectly practical and safe to leave on charge overnight for convenience.

Q. I'm worried the battery won't last long, is it covered under warranty?

A. Manufacturers are genuinely surprised on how robust and reliable batteries last on electric and hybrid cars. Most manufacturers include a FREE 8 year or 100,000 mile warranty on the battery. So there really is no reason to let this put you off buying an electric car or hybrid.

Q. What range do Elecric Vehicles have?

A. It really does vary between car to car. The original 2011 Nissan Leaf claimed to achieve 109 mile range. With technology continuously improving, this has since more than doubled on the latest model which can now achieve a staggering 250+ miles on a full-charge! Take a look at our new car pages for each models range.

Q. Will it cost thousands to have a home-charger fitted?

A. No. On average it will cost £500 with a government grant. Therefore this cost is likely to be covered within one year of switching to an electric car from a petrol/diesel.

Q. I do not have off-street parking?

A. The growing number of public charging points means that more and more residential streets are becoming part of the public charging network, making it possible for those without a drive or garage to charge their EV at home.