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Britain. Known for its temperamental weather. One moment we are looking straight into what appears to be the Sahara sun, the next, we are in the Arctic Circle!

With the ever changing British weather, it is important that your car is ready. For Winter however, driving in the cold weather can be a challenge.

We have put together some tips to help you and your car be ready for the chill, so read below!

Check the Battery

Cold and damp weather can put a strain on your car's battery. Cold weather makes it harder for an engine to turn over, but unfortunately, cold weather also has a negative impact on the power a battery can deliver. If you haven't changed your car battery recently, then it could be tired, and the cold weather means it might not play ball. Add in the additional power drain of heaters and other electrical devices, and it can become a critical component. If the battery struggles to provide enough power to start your car, the chances are it's on its way out. If you are unsure, pop to your nearest Desira where we can test the car battery for you to check that it is working at its most efficient. Should you need a need a new battery, we offer them from £34.99.

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Check Antifreeze

Antifreeze, as its name suggests, stops the water in the engine’s cooling system from freezing. On most cars, there will be a minimum and a maximum line to which the amount of antifreeze should sit. If the antifreeze is below the minimum line, then check your car's manual which will advice you of which antifreeze to use. Top up to the maximum line and you are good to go! If you are not sure, then book your antifreeze check and top up with Desira!

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Winter Tyres 

If you frequently drive in winter, then consider buying a set of winter tyres. They offer exceptional grip when the temperature drops below seven degrees, and while they're effective in snow and ice, they also perform better than summer tyres when it's wet. They may not be the cheapest, but are well worth the investment for the additional safety they bring.​

Even if you don’t want the extra cost of winter tyres, checking the tread depth of your existing tyres is important. The legal limit is 1.6mm, but having more than this can dramatically improve steering and braking - if your tyres are due replacing, then winter is a good time to do it. ​Not sure? Use our free tyre safety check or alternatively, use our tyre service online.

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Check Your Lights

Check and clean your lights regularly. The salt and dirt can quickly build-up, reducing the effectiveness of the lights and reducing your visibility to other road users. It's best to keep your lights on in all sorts of weather, as it helps you to be seen. Check your rear lights too, either in a reflective window, or ask someone to stand behind your car whilst you tap the brake pedal. Making sure you rear lights are working (especially in poor conditions) will reduce the chance of someone bumping into you from behind, and even better, save you from being pulled over by the 'ol' bill'.

If you notice that you have a bulb not working, then visit your local Desira where we will replace it for you.

If you’ve not got the time to prepare your car for winter, then we can do it for you. Starting from only £29.99, we will make sure your car is winter ready, so you don't have to.

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Carrying an emergency kit with you at all times through the winter might seem a bit extreme – but if you ever find yourself stranded you’ll be glad of it. We recommend:

A Mobile Phone Charger

A First Aid Kit

De-Icer & Scraper

A Tow Rope

A Torch

Extra Clothing (Jumpers and Coats)

Some Food and Drink