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Peugeot 508


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508 Saloon


The New Peugeot 508 Saloon offers a more assertive style, making it more contemporary too. The exterior design has a more structured feel, with a new vertically oriented front grille featuring the famous Peugeot lion in the middle, plus a revamped, more horizontal bonnet. Meanwhile, the redesigned bumpers at the rear add a more substantial feel. Brimming over with vigour and style, this new-look saloon car is set to turn heads wherever it goes.


Both the handling and acoustics of the New 508 Saloon bear testimony to Peugeot's expertise when it comes to driving performance. Top quality car-to-ground connecting components interact with highly efficient engines ranging from the latest generation of BlueHDi diesel engines to our innovative HYbrid4 engine, plus a choice of manual or six-speed automatic gearbox, to provide a uniquely enjoyable driving experience. Choose the highly versatile New 508 HYbrid4 Saloon version for the best of both worlds, featuring a dial on the centre console allowing you to make the most of your driving experience by choosing between four modes: Auto, Sport, 4WD and ZEV.

​​508 RXW 


Classified as an all-roader, the Peugeot 508 RXH has an allure that's all its own. Strong hints of its powerful personality can be found in the unique design of its front end and in the bumpers - a potent combination of elegance and toughness. Its extended wheel arches and raised ground clearance bear witness to the ability of the Peugeot 508 RXH to deliver sterling performance on every kind of road surface.​


With its elevated driving position and its choice of diesel or diesel/hybrid engines, the Peugeot 508 RXH offers a unique driving experience, allowing you to enjoy unprecedented driving sensations wherever you go. The 2.0L BlueHDi 180hp Diesel particulate filter engine (availble for the first time on 508 RXH) delivers exceptional performance. With 180hp, it's great around town and over long distances - an invitation to take to the open road.​

Peugeot 508 360° View

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