Peugeot Expert Diagnosis

We believe our customers deserve the very best. At Desira Peugeot, we offer an expertise that only Peugeot approved dealers can supply:

  • Peugeot expertise from highly trained technicians who are regularly assessed
  • The latest specialist tools and diagnostic systems, designed just for Peugeot vehicles
  • Peugeot Original Equipment & Approved Parts
  • The promise of an impressive service and repair history to keep up your Peugeot’s resale value

If you would like to book your car in for an expert diagnosis, please call our reservations department on 01603 397725

Specific Examples​

Users of Peugeot 1.6HDI engines who suffer with problems relating to their turbos: If these issues are taken to independent garages and they just replace the turbo, then there is a large risk that the replacement turbo will fail due to poor diagnosis. The actual repair should include an engine flush and replacement of oil pickup and vacuum pump to prevent further problems, the turbo may have failed as a consequence of oil starvation. This will always be carried out at Desira Peugeot.

User of some Peugeot 1.4 & 1.6 petrol engines that suffer from engine management faults and lack of power from the engine and or hesitation: This could be due to issues with the timing chain and or tensioner or coked up valves, and will need accurate diagnosis and specific repairs to rectify which Desira Peugeot have both the knowledge, expertise and tooling to rectify