What is Supagard?

As the UK's market leader in professionally applied quality car care products Supaguard creates a long lasting invisible barrier that protects your new car both inside and out.

At Desira we recommend you use Supagard to protect your vehicle.

  • Supagard gives your car a protective high gloss finish which helps keep that 'new car' look for longer. The tough polymer barrier bonds to your paintwork and seals the surface against the harshest environmental and climatic conditions.
  • Supagard eliminates the need for waxing or polishing for at least 3 years - there's no maintenance required, which saves you both time and money.
  • Supagard is a professionally applied 'fit and forget' product with no top ups or conservers required, so all you have to do is wash the car - what could be simpler?
  • Supagard is recommended by car manufacturers because the paintwork's high gloss finish is preserved without the need for abrasive polishes which can damage the paint surface.
  • Supagard interior protection coats each fibre of the fabric seats and carpets with a resin based formula so dirt and spills can be vacuumed or wiped off with a gentle cleaning solution - no need to cry over spilt milk, or chocolate or mud!
  • Supagard paint and fabric protection products are guaranteed to maintain your car's appearance for at least 3 years - your car retains the same superb look it had when you bought it and this helps to maintain its value when you come to sell it.

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