What is Citroen SimplyDrive?
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What is Citroen SimplyDrive?

Citroën SimplyDrive is our Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) deal. With SimplyDrive you can drive a new Citroën every 3 years.

Are you a young driver looking to drive a brand new car? Looking for inclusive car insurance? Or do you simply want one single finance package that covers most of your car financial costs?

For one single payment, you get to drive a brand new car, with car insurance, tax, servicing, roadside assistance all taken care of.

Watch the video to Find out if SimplyDrive is the new car payment plan for you.


​3 Years Finance

The Personal Contract Finance product has a full term of 36 months, with 35 monthly payments followed by 1 optional final payment.

3 Year Insurance

With Citroën SimplyDrive your motor insurance policy will be automatically renewed to ensure you benefit from three years continuous cover (subject to underwriting criteria). Better still, your premium will remain fixed for the duration of your contract. (We do reserve the right to increase your premium should you add a younger driver to your policy mid-term).

3 Years Servicing

Keeps your car running in tip-top condition with servicing carried out by the specialists at your local Citroën service centre.

3 Years Roadside Assistance

You will be covered for three years roadside assistance. Hopefully you should never need to call for it, but just in case you do, we have included it in the Citroen Simply Drive scheme.

3 Years Road Tax

Your first year’s road Tax is included and we will give you a cheque to cover the costs of years two and three (based on current duty rates at time of purchase).

3 Years Warranty

Of course, we would hope there was no issues with your car over the three years, but just in case - we have a warranty that will last for the duration.