Get a Grip This Winter

Make sure your Jeep is prepared for winter driving conditions with a Jeep Winter Health Check for Only £39.99.

It’s important to look after your Jeep all-year round, especially in the winter months when it can be cold, icy and wet.

Our comprehensive winter check includes:

  • 30 point vehicle health check
  • Tyres - We will check the overall condition of your tyres including the tread depth and pressure
  • Battery – We will test the batteries charge to ensure all is ok
  • Coolant / Anti-freeze – We will check the levels
  • Wiper Blades for any damage
  • Operation of the Windscreen Wash System and the level of screen wash and top this up if necessary
  • Light Bulbs – We will check for any faulty or broken bulbs
  • Latest Engine Software Updates*
  • Essential Fluids Check - Engine oil, screen wash, brake fluid, clutch fluid, antifreeze & power steering fluid

Book your Jeep winter health check

Jeep Winter Check

*Terms and conditions apply. Additional costs apply for any software updates and replacement parts that may be required. Top-ups of vital fluids up to ½ litre where required. Offer available from 24th October 2022 to 28 February 2023.