Catalytic Convertor Anti-Theft Devices fitted from £145

The Problem

Catalytic convertor theft is increasing at an alarming rate due to the precious metals that are used within them and the high scrap values offered for such metals. The vehicles that are at most risk of being targeted by thieves are those with high ground clearance, which offer fairly easy access to the catalytic convertor itself, making it possible to remove it in just a few minutes. Once removed, it is also impossible to trace it back to a specific vehicle. Whilst the catalyst will be worth between £50 - £100 at scrap value, the replacement cost can be as much as £1000, without taking into account the vehicle being off the road whilst waiting for the replacement, so well worth the investment to protect the vehicle against this type of theft.

The Solution

Our new ‘CATLOC’ product offer not only secures the catalytic convertor to the vehicle, but it also comes with an identification marking kit and ISR (International Security Register) registration ocumentation which links the specific code to the VIN of the vehicle. Another strong deterrent for any would-be thief.

The advantages of this innovative bespoke system include:

  • Ease and accuracy of installation
  • Maximum protection, taking into consideration each vehicles specific threat
  • Prevention of in-service issues
  • Tested to maintain vehicle characteristics and performance

Main targets of catalyst theft are 4x4 and LCVs (including motorhomes) due to their higher ground clearance. Peugeot will be launching ‘CATLOC’ products for the following vehicles

  • Peugeot Expert
  • Peugeot Boxer

Catalytic Convertor Anti-Theft Devices fitted from £145

To find out more, or book an appointment to fit a Catalytic Converter Anti-Theft Device, please call our reservations department on 01603 397725 .