FREE Peugeot Tyre Check

Did you know that 56.8% of cars in the UK are at least 4psi below the recommended pressures?

Or that for every 10% a tyre is under deflated, its wear can increase by 10%?

Keeping your tyres in check not only helps your vehicle's performance and fuel costs, however it is vital for safety. This is why we offer FREE tyre safety checks at Desira Peugeot which include the following:

  • Exhaustive tyre check by Peugeot-trained experts of all your tyres (including the spare)
  • Essential for responsive steering and safe braking
  • Like-for-like replacements recommended, if necessary
  • No hard sell – if your Peugeot tyres are still fine, we promise to tell you

Plus, you'll also benefit from our Peugeot Service Promise - striving to offer you the best possible service experience.

For information please call 01603 397725 or BOOK NOW

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