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What is Peugeot Just Add Fuel?
What is Peugeot Just Add Fuel?
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PEUGEOT Just Add Fuel® is an innovative finance package that covers the costs of your brand new PEUGEOT.
It includes ALL of the following:

  • 3 years insurance*(for up to three drivers - with no curfews)
  • 3 years car tax
  • 3 years warranty
  • 3 years roadside assistance
  • 3 years routine servicing

If you're aged 18-20 or have less than two years No Claim Discount then there is Just Add Fuel® with the addition of a telematics device.

Just choose your PEUGEOT, add fuel and go!

Selection of Cars available with Just Add Fuel®

The 108 is compact, chic and full of character. A fun way to get around town, its right up your street. Perfect for first-time drivers or as a stylish run-around, it's full to the brim with a host of features.

Our sporty 208 hatchback comes with assertive styling, connected lifestyle technology and fuel efficient engines. You’ll experience comfortable yet exhilarating driving.

The 2008 SUV is perfect for those with an active lifestyle or looking for family adventures. Sharp SUV design, innovative technology and modern, efficient engines deliver driving pleasure for less.