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The New Nissan Leaf

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The New Nissan Leaf packs more tech, more range and a straightforward new look.

Since 2010, the Leaf has racked up almost 300,000 sales globally since 2010.

Imagine driving with only one pedal, accelerating and braking in one smooth motion.

Or imagine sharing some of the driving tasks with your vehicle, allowing you to enjoy a more relaxing ride.

The New Nissan Leaf provides a drive that pushes all the right buttons.

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Nissan LEAF Offers

Evolved with New Technology

The Leaf has evolved inside and out to go everywhere, further with everything you need. Even more confident, a more connected experience, a more exciting drive in an electric car that does simple thing amazingly.

The Nissan Leaf 2.Zero comes complete with e-pedal and Nissans ProPilot technologies to protect and support you on the road. Comes with:

- E-Pedal

- Intelligent cruise control

- Lane keep assist

- 40kWh battery, 235 miles NEDC

- 5* Euro NCAP

- 17'' Alloy wheels

- Privacy Glass

Cost of ownership

An investment in the Nissan LEAF is as rewarding as they come. Running costs are just a fraction of a conventional car, with overnight charging (when electricity rates are lowest) meaning that the cost of ownership is less than 2p per mile* – the equivalent of over 300mpg in a conventional vehicle. There’s also the tax, congestion and benefit in kind savings to be made. So why not spoil yourself?

Electric vehicle fleet

The Nissan LEAF represents a fantastic choice if you’re looking for an electric vehicle fleet. There’s no National Insurance (NI), Company Car Fuel Tax or Company Car Tax to pay, and the car’s value can be fully placed against any capital allowance that you have. With the Nissan LEAF costing £21,990 on the road, including a £4,500 government grant, this is a cost-effective option for all businesses.

Charging and infrastructure

Charging LEAF is easy and affordable both at home and on the public charging networks available. Nissan’s recommended method of home charging is via a Home Charging Unit which is the fastest, most convenient and safest way of charging at home. Our Charge Point map identifies electric vehicle charging points situated across the UK enabling a safe top-up whilst on the move.

The New Leaf's 40-kWh lithium ion battery pack musters a mighty 235 miles per charge. Nissan says the new pack is the same size as the older model version, but with a 67% improvement in energy density gets the credit for the new cars longer range.

Electric vehicle myths

Myths relating to electric vehicles are commonplace. Whether it’s misconceptions over charging, range, costs, performance or accessibility, our experts can address and dispel the many electric vehicle myths that may be holding you back from purchasing a Nissan LEAF.

Service and warranty

As you will already be familiar with every car, no matter what the technology requires a service. Because the Nissan LEAF is unique and innovative, you will find that the time and costs associated with the service are a lot lower than the norm. Interested? Thought you might be. For more information on this, please contact your Electric Vehicle Relationship Manager today or visit our dedicated service page