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Switching to an electrified vehicle doesn't have to be a big step. With a range of electrification options, there’s a vehicle that's perfect for you.

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Nissan 100% Electric, driving the future

​Powered by an electric motor and battery pack, you'll never need to visit the petrol station again. Electric power is clean, silent, efficient and cheaper, but you do need to charge, which may mean planning long journeys and installing a charging point at home.

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Nissan 100% electric Vehicles

Nissan e-POWER, your first step towards going Electric

e-POWER combines a petrol engine and a small battery to run an electric motor that drives the vehicle’s wheels. e-POWER has lower emissions and running costs compared to a traditional petrol engine2, but unlike a 100% electric vehicle, you don’t have to plug it in. There is no compromise in driving pleasure –e-POWER delivers instant and smooth acceleration, giving you that electric vehicle feel.

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Nissan e-Power

Nissan Electrified Options

Mild HybridHybride-Power100% Electric
How it works A petrol engine is supported by a battery during acceleration and cruising
Powered by a combination of petrol engine and an electric motor
A combination of petrol engine which charges the battery and an electric motor that turns wheels
Entirely powered by an electric motor using a battery
What powers the wheels? Petrol engine
Petrol engine, electric motor or both.
Electric motor Electric motor
How is the battery charged? Charges while driving through regenerative braking
Does it need petrol? Yes Yes Yes No
What is the driving experience? Torque assist with responsive acceleration
Instant torque and a quieter drive
Instant torque and a silent drive Instant torque and a silent drive
CO2 emissions Lower tailpipe emissions than an equivalent model, with a traditional petrol engine
Significantly reduced emissions
Lower tailpipe emissions than an equivalent model with Mild hybrid
Zero-tailpipe emissions
How much of the time does the car run on 100% electric? 0% 67% 100% 100%

Experience the electrified thrill with the Nissan Range

Nissan LEAF
Nissan ARIYA
Nissan Qashqai
Nissan X-Trail

How to charge your Plug-In Electric Car with Adam, our Sales Executive from Desira Nissan Great Yarmouth.

Charging your vehicle has become incredibly convenient, thanks to the widespread availability of charging stations and user-friendly apps that make the process seamless. With the growing adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) and the commitment to sustainability, a diverse range of charging stations is now accessible to EV owners.

The ease of charging your vehicle is remarkable. Once you need to charge your EV, all you have to do is locate a nearby charging station using apps like Polar or Zap-Maps. These apps have become essential tools for EV owners as they provide real-time information about the nearest charging points, their availability, and the types of connectors they offer. Not only are these charging stations widely available, but they also cater to different charging speeds, accommodating the needs of various EV models. Some stations provide fast charging, enabling you to top up your battery quickly, while others offer standard charging, which is suitable for overnight or extended stays.

Nissan LEAF

The 100% electric family car.

Available with a 39kWh or a powerful 59kWh battery, with sleek aerodynamics and advanced technologies that give you a more relaxing drive on the road. Discover an all-new way of driving. You’ll be amazed by the Nissan LEAF.

Discover the Nissan LEAF

Nissan ARIYA

The 100% electric coupe crossover.

The 100% electric coupe crossover. The ARIYA crossover with optional e-4ORCE technology is the start of a new era of seamless, intuitive and adaptive experiences both onboard and offboard. All packaged in a sophisticated exterior design inspired by timeless Japanese futurism.

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The Ultimate Crossover

With elegant, bold design alongside Nissan’s premium technologies and driving aids to elevate your drive, Qashqai is well equipped to help offer a safer and smoother driving experience. With Mild Hybrid powertrain and new e-POWER technology, the New Nissan Qashqai with e-POWER does give an electric feeling drive at all times.

Discover the Nissan Qashqai


The electrified All-New Nissan X-Trail

e-POWER is unique and the result is a responsive and quiet driving sensation without the need to plug in to recharge. Available also as e-4ORCE AWD which gives you even more power and stable handling. Both technologies allow you to experience an EV like drive in all scenes. New X-Trail is available with the electrified 5 or 7 seater, with room for everyone and everything

Discover the Nissan X-Trail

Benefit from Government grants and incentives

Qualify for 100% discount on the London Congestion Charge

Owners of an electric car do not need to pay the London Congestion Charge, while many other vehicles pay the full £15 per day. For somebody living outside the congestion zone but driving into it five days a week for a year, this could mean an annual saving of over £3,750.

Live richer with 2% BIK for electric company-car drivers

In April 2021, the UK Government introduced new benefit-in-kind (BIK) tax rates3 for the tax year 2022/23. This means company car drivers of 100% electric vehicles pay 2% BIK. We’ve worked this out as an average saving of £3,496 in the first year4. So, why not give yourself the equivalent of a pay rise by switching you petrol or diesel company car to a 100% electric Nissan LEAF.

Electric Vehicle Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What charger do I need for my car?

A. UK 3-pin - this is standard UK house-hold charger which can be plugged straight into your 13amp socket. Type 2 - adapted charger for your EV or PHEV. Rapid charger - 'quick charge' version of a Type 2.

Q. Will I get 'Range Anxiety' in my Electric Vehicle?

A. It's all about choosing the right car for you. On average 95% of the UK population who drive complete just 25 miles per day. Most electric cars achieve 80+ miles on one-full charge, often more. Therefore an electric car may be the right choice of vehicle. There may often be a time where your round journey is more than 80 miles, if so, it's simply a matter of planning your journey. There are now over 15,000 charge points across the UK at over 5,000 different locations which anyone can use.

Q. How much money am I likely to save?

A. According to the official government website the average driver will save £645 every year just on fuel and tax driving a fully electric car compared to a diesel. PHEV less, but still hundreds of pounds per annum.

Q. How long will it take to charge my Electric Vehicle?

A. It really does vary between car and charger, most Rapid charge's take up to 2 hours. Type 2 charges can take 5-6 hours on average. A standard 3-pin home charge will usually take 12 hours which is the longest, yet perfectly practical and safe to leave on charge overnight for convenience.

Q. I'm worried the battery won't last long, is it covered under warranty?

A. Manufacturers are genuinely surprised on how robust and reliable batteries last on electric and hybrid cars. Most manufacturers include a FREE 8 year or 100,000 mile warranty on the battery. So there really is no reason to let this put you off buying an electric car or hybrid.

Q. What range do Elecric Vehicles have?

A. It really does vary between car to car. The original 2011 Nissan Leaf claimed to achieve 109 mile range. With technology continuously improving, this has since more than doubled on the latest model which can now achieve a staggering 250+ miles on a full-charge! Take a look at our new car pages for each models range.

Q. Will it cost thousands to have a home-charger fitted?

A. No. On average it will cost £500 with a government grant. Therefore this cost is likely to be covered within one year of switching to an electric car from a petrol/diesel.

Q. I do not have off-street parking?

A. The growing number of public charging points means that more and more residential streets are becoming part of the public charging network, making it possible for those without a drive or garage to charge their EV at home.

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