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With the New Nissan LEAF, fewer moving parts means lower maintenance costs, 100% electric adds up to minimum running costs. What's not to love?


Zero Emissions While Driving

Spend less and gain more. Protect the planet we drive on so that we can share it for years to come. A sustainable future starts here, in the 100% electric New Nissan LEAF.

Lower Running Costs and Maintenance

​​Electricity costs far less than petrol or diesel and with the New Nissan LEAF, there'll be no more engine oil changes, tune-ups or emissions tests either. Save on the day-to-day and get rewarded too. With supporting grants and incentives, it's a movement which can't be ignored.

The Nissan Leaf 100% Electric is a Worldwide Movement

Building on 70 years of Nissan EV heritage, the Nissan LEAF has evolved to become an icon of advanced eco-design and technology. With over 2 billion miles worldwide under its belt, its quality and reliability has been tested and proven by drivers all over the globe. Now it's your turn.

Limitless Possibilities

Plan your trip, charge at home and locate all the charging points on the way using the Sat Nav. With the 100% electric New Nissan LEAF, you can go places you've never dreamed of before.

Awesome Innovations

​Sync your compatible smartphone, access your maps, apps and playlists on your customised info screen and drive all the way with just one pedal. Nissan's advanced technology makes your trip so much more fun.

Inspired Design

​Combining sleek, aerodynamic lines with cool, contemporary space and comfort, the design of the New Nissan LEAF makes no sacrifices. High-tech, efficient and incredibly roomy, it's a genuine 100% electric family car. 

Quality is Our Priority

You always know you're in good hands at Nissan. We focus on quality, from R&D and production to customer service and aftersales. With the New Nissan LEAF warranty, your confidence and satisfaction are guaranteed. That's our promise.

Nissan LEAF Rebates and Incentives

​With more and more benefits for going electric, driving a New Nissan LEAF just keeps getting better and better.

£3,500 Plug-in Grant

​The UK Government offers an incentive for buyers of Ultra Low Emissions Vehicles. The scheme favours buyers of 100% electric vehicles which means the 100% electric LEAF is eligible for the maximum £3,500 governmental grant​

100% Congestion Charge Discount

​Owners of a Nissan LEAF do not need to pay the London Congestion Charge. For somebody living outside the congestion zone but driving into it five days a week, each week of the year, this could mean an annual saving of over £2,500​.

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