Nissan 100% Electric Cars

​Say goodbye to the internal combustion engine, say hello to the new way of driving​

100% Electric, driving the future​

Imagine a vehicle that’s cheap to run, more environmentally friendly and instantly responsive. At Nissan, we have long understood the advantages of a battery pack powering a silent electric motor. Nissan electric vehicles offer improved range and performance to make your drive as efficient as possible. The advantages of driving an electric vehicle are numerous, but to make the most of them, there are some things to consider.

Nissan 100% electric cars

How does it all work?

​Electricity creates motion (and vice versa)

Electric vehicles use electricity stored in rechargeable high-voltage batteries to power an electric motor. The motor then converts the electric energy into mechanical power to drive the vehicle.

How electric cars work

Plugs in like any other device

With regenerative braking, the energy produced while the vehicle decelerates is converted and stored in the battery. The energy is produced when the driver releases the accelerator pedal and the momentum of the wheels turns the electric motor. Vehicle parts can last longer with less need to use the brakes and other mechanical parts.

Charging Nissan electric cars

Wastes no energy 

With regenerative braking, energy produced while the vehicle decelerates is converted and stored in the battery. The energy is produced when the accelerator pedal is released by the driver and the momentum of the wheels turns the electric motor. With less need to use the brakes and other mechanical parts, vehicle parts can last longer.

Nissan regenerative braking

Feel the thrill of 100% Electric

Nissan LEAF​

The 100% electric family car.

Available with a 39 kWh or a powerful 59 kWh battery, with sleek aerodynamics and advanced technologies that give you more confidence on the road. Discover an all-new way of driving. You’ll be amazed by the Nissan LEAF.

Discover the Nissan LEAF

Nissan Leaf

Nissan ARIYA​

The 100% electric coupe crossover

The ARIYA crossover with e-4ORCE technology is the start of a new era of seamless, intuitive and adaptive experiences both onboard and offboard. All packaged in a sophisticated exterior design, inspired by timeless Japanese futurism.

Discover the Nissan ARIYA

Nissan Ariya

​How do I charge my electric car?

Home Plug

Plug your car into the wall from your domestic socket with your EVSE cable just like a laptop or any other device, and the battery will top-up overnight. That’s probably all you will need if you just have a short commute or you don’t use your car every day. Green technology does make your life easier.

Home AC Charger

The best place to charge your electric vehicle at home is using a dedicated AC home charger. With power outputs ranging from 3kW to 22kW, depending on your electricity supply and vehicle capability, AC home chargers allow much faster charging times than using a 3-pin socket. 

Furthermore, the Government EV chargepoint scheme provides a grant of up to £350 towards an EV chargepoint installation, subject to eligibility.

Public Charge Points

There are more than 40,000 public charging stations in Europe, including over 7,000 that offer rapid charging services—and those numbers grow every day. You can download an app to help you find and plan your next charge, and benefit from the many authorities and workplaces that offer free parking while you charge.

A closer look at the benefits of switching to an electric car

Smooth electric drive
Low maintenance and running costs
Zero tailpipe emissions

Smooth and responsive drive

Electric motors provide 100% torque, which means smooth, powerful acceleration every time, with no engine vibration and near complete silence. Just push for instant power and ease off to slow down. One pedal helps you stay in control, with the brake pedal reserved for responsive braking.

Low maintenance & low running costs

The first saving you’ll notice is never having to buy petrol again. 100% electric vehicles also have far fewer moving parts, which reduces maintenance costs. Even wear on brake pads is reduced because electric cars use the motor to slow down, which also feeds power back to the battery.

Zero tailpipe emissions

Numerous government incentives make electric vehicles more financially appealing. You can say goodbye to tailpipe emissions and enjoy guilt free driving, knowing you’ve joined the electric revolution.

The images and descriptions shown are for guidance purposes. In some instances, photos are of non-UK specification vehicles and do not represent a specific model, grade or offer. The features shown may be available as standard or only as an option (at an extra charge).