Nissan Driver Assist Technologies Tutorials

Nissan has put together a few handy tutorials to show you how Nissan driver-assist technologies such as the ProPilot system, ICC system, IEB system and AIVI system work and allow you to gain a better understanding of each of these systems.

ProPilot System

Nissan ProPILOT is an assisted driving system that helps the driver stay in lane and maintain a safe distance between vehicles ahead in traffic.

ProPILOT Assist uses a forward-facing camera, forward-facing radar, sensors and electronic control module to help the driver stay in the center of the driving lane and to maintain vehicle speed (set by the driver) or help maintain a gap to the preceding vehicle if the vehicle speed drops below the driver-set speed. It also can slow the vehicle to a complete stop and holds the vehicle during traffic jam conditions.

Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC)​ System

The Nissan Intelligent Cruise Control technology maintains vehicle speed and keeps a set distance in traffic. In this video, learn how to use the Intelligent Cruise Control technology in your Nissan car.

Infotainment (AIVI) System

Enjoy a seamless driving experience thanks to our connected infotainment system. Find out about all the smart tools and features it has to offer.