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Types of Electric Vehicles

Before you decide what vehicle to choose, first you need to find out about the different types of electric vehicles.

Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs)

Powered by an electric battery, with no secondary source of propulsion. As they don’t have a traditional internal combustion engine, they create zero emissions. Most BEVs are capable of fast charging and L2 charging. 

Example Cars: Nissan LEAF and Nissan Ariya​

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs)

Powered by an engine and electric motor to drive the car. Like regular hybrids, they can recharge their battery through regenerative braking. They differ from regular hybrids by having a much larger battery and being able to plug into the grid to recharge.

Example Cars: Suzuki Across

Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle (MHEV)

Mild hybrid uses a petrol engine to power the wheels with a battery providing support, this helps to reduce tailpipe emissions and running costs. An MHEV is in between a traditional combustion engine and a Full hybrid.

Example Cars: Suzuki Swift, Suzuki Vitara & Nissan Juke

What to Consider when Buying an Electric Vehicle

People are starting to turn to electric vehicles rather than traditional internal combustion engines for a number of reasons. Electric cars are cheaper to own when you take into consideration that they are road tax and congestion charge exempt. Plus with zero emissions, they are better for the environment as well.

Benefits of switching to an Electric vehicle

Better for the environment easy and convenient to drive
Lower running costs government grants
Less maintenance resale value
Nissan Ariya

Switching over to an electric vehicle isn't as scary as you think. With a wide range of electrified options, there is something for everyone.

Mild Hybrid
100% Electric
Nissan E-Power

Mild hybrids operate with both the battery and the combustion engine. The mild hybrid has an ingenious system that replenishes the battery energy when using the brakes, this maximises the efficiency and conserves fuel.

100% electric vehicles, or EVs, run solely on electricity, emitting zero emissions and offering energy efficiency. That means zero fuel, zero emissions and driving range up to 293-372 miles.

The electric motor is to drive the vehicle, whilst the petrol engine supplies power to the electric motors when needed and supports a generator to charge the hybrid battery.

e-POWER is a unique hybrid technology developed by Nissan.

Unlike traditional hybrids, it uses a series hybrid system. The wheels are driven by an electric motor, while a gasoline engine acts as a generator to charge the battery. This configuration provides efficient and smooth driving without range limitations. Nissan e-POWER vehicles do not need to be plugged in for charging, as the gasoline engine handles it automatically.

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