Desira Service Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Desira Service Opening Hours?

- Desira Service is open at all branches: Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm and Saturday 8am to 12.30pm. If you need any assistance call 01603 397725 for outside of these hours help please contact and we will reply as soon as possible.

How long will it take to order parts?

- We keep over a £1 Million worth of Group Parts Stock. Any parts not stocked are usually available to order next day. For immediate assistance Call 01379 647222 or e-mail

Does my vehicle have a timing belt or chain fitted?

- Depends on the model, please provide us with your registration number; we can confirm this along with the servicing schedules.

Why do I need to change my cam belt? (see above question)

- The cambelt is a critical part of the engine, certain parts need to move at the same time or different time to others. The toothed cam belt makes sure the engine is timed correctly. If the cam belt fails it can cause significant engine damage or possibly result in the engine having to be replaced.

Why do manufacturers recommend a 2 year brake fluid change?

- Most manufacturers recommend a brake fluid change every two years as brake fluid has hygroscopic properties – meaning that it absorbs moisture through the pipes, hoses and joints that it lubricates. As the water content in the brake fluid increases, the temperature the liquid boils at decreases from when the brake fluid is ‘dry’ (ie no water content when new) to when it is ‘wet’ (contaminated with water).

Why do I need my Coolant/ Antifreeze changed?

- Antifreeze contains chemicals which stop the liquid freezing at normal freezing temperatures. This degrades over time and is also diluted when topped up with water. The time its due for change is not always specified but at service we do tests to check the strength of the antifreeze and also acidity. Weak antifreeze will not stop ice forming at cold temperatures which could cause damage to your engine system. A high acidity can also cause damage due to corrosion.

What is the legal limit of a tyre?

- 1.6mm is the legal limit but we recommend changing at 3mm as the stopping distance is increased dramatically.

How many days before MOT expiry date can I have my MOT carried out?

- An MOT test can be post dated for up to 28 days.

What does a pollen filter do?

- A fully functioning pollen filter reduces air pollution, assists allergy sufferers, reduces unpleasant odours. It keeps the air in the cabin clean and should be changed annually.

What is “AdBlue”?

- AdBlue is a diesel particulate filter (DPF) additive that is injected into the exhaust system to aid reducing emissions. This fluid is used every time you drive and should last approximately 6000 miles. You can purchase a top up from Desira Group or at any Garage or visit us and we will top up the system for you. (There will be a small charge for this service and the cost of the AdBlue)

Do you price match?

- Yes, we do ask for written proof and the product or service we are matching must be “like for like” and use genuine parts is required.

Why do I need to have genuine parts?

- Genuine parts are manufactured specifically for your vehicle and fit right first time. We also are able to guarantee genuine parts.

How do I obtain my radio code?

- Contact our aftersales department with your proof of ownership of your vehicle and we can help you obtain your radio code

How do I get a replacement car key?

- Contact our aftersales department with your proof of ownership of the vehicle. Keys need to be ordered and are cut to order.

I need a new number plate what should I do?

- Contact our parts department with proof of ownership and we will be happy to print you a new plate. We can also fit your new number plate for you too.

Can I budget for my service and MOT’s?

- Yes, Desira offer a service plan starting from only £9.99, these can include services and MOTs. The total price is broken down into interest free monthly payments allowing you to budget for your service like you would a gas or electricity bill.

Can you provide a Service History for my Car/Van?

- Yes we can provide a Service History if we have seen your Car or Van before and it has been Serviced or Repaired with us. Please Note: we can only provide history of Servicing with Desira Group Plc, we are unable to see Service History with another company.

- If you are an existing Desira Customer and purchased the car from us and use us for your servicing, or have brought the car elsewhere but then have the vehicle serviced with us, this service is Free of Charge. If you require a Book and Stamp there will just be a charge for the Book only. Please ask for a Service Book Quotation?

- If you have brought the Car elsewhere and are not a Desira Service Customer, or for any Dealer or Trade Requests, there is a £25 Charge for Service History/Information Requests whether just providing the information over the phone or for a digital copy. Proof of ownership would be necessary. If you require a Book and Stamp it is just the Cost of the Book + £25. Please ask for a Service Book Quotation?

- If you have purchased the vehicle elsewhere but wish to become a Desira Service Customer, once you are booked in and have paid a diagnostic charge or paid for work booked in we would then be happy to supply this Free of Charge on collection of your vehicle. If you require a Book and Stamp it is just the Cost of the Book. Please call 01603 397725 or e-mail: