LEVC TX Electric Shuttle

The World's Most Iconic Passenger Vehicle

Today’s customers expect everything: sustainability, safety, cleanliness and comfort. Introducing the electric TX shuttle from LEVC.

TX Shuttle can handle any journey while remaining electrically driven.

Spacious enough to accommodate six passengers, it is suitable for any form of urban transport – from airport transfers to business events. With TX, your electric mobility potential is unrestricted.

From the unique silhouette to the quiet in-cab experience, it makes a lasting impression on passengers and gives businesses the brand power of forward-thinking, green mobility.

LEVC TX Shuttle

eCity Technology

Electric drive. Zero range-anxiety. With a fully electric powertrain, innovative eCity technology offer true zero-emissions capability, while at the same time eliminating range-anxiety.

Accessible to All

Inclusivity means a vehicle designed for all. Whether young or old, and regardless of physical ability, TX makes travelling convenient and easy.

A Demanding Presence

TX is a purpose-built passenger transport shuttle, perfectly suited to the wide-ranging needs of an urban passenger. Whether carrying business executives to their hotel, party-goers to the city or patients from a hospital, TX makes an impression.

LEVC TX Shuttle Interior