New Nissan JUKE: say hello to yellow again

For its mid-lifecycle refresh, Nissan is reintroducing a yellow exterior colour option on its Juke urban crossover in response to customer demand, following its popularity on the first generation Juke.

As well as the introduction of the new yellow, Nissan's designers and engineers have made significant changes to the Juke's interior to elevate the ambience of life-on-board, with a redesigned centre console and instrument panel. The interior also benefits from new materials, trim and upgraded fit and finish. And the car's connectivity has been updated with a larger touchscreen and additional features.

And the mid-life upgrades also sees the introduction of an additional grade called N-Sport, which emphasises the Juke's dynamic qualities both on exterior and interior details.

The re-introduction of a yellow exterior paint option in the Juke range is a direct consequence of customers who had loved the yellow when it was introduced on the first generation Juke asking for it. The new yellow is different in hue to the shade on the previous generation of Juke. Compared to the one offered on the previous Juke, the new one is slightly paler, giving a more modern and impactful look.

When specified in the new N-Sport trim, the new yellow's impact is heightened by the contrast of the yellow with the black roof, wheels door mirrors, wheel arch inserts, grille and A- and B-pillars. The overall effect elevates the Juke's natural visual impact, with an added splash of swagger and attitude.

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