Desira Welcome Check

If you bought your car from a local garage, AutoTrader or a friend, get it Desira approved with our used car Vehicle Check for only £39

As a welcome to Desira, our 20-point inspection with video assessment will give you peace of mind and the knowledge that your new car is safe, fully checked and approved by our team of trained technicians. So wherever you brought your car from, don’t worry. Get it checked today at Desira.

What's Included

Check the operation of the horn Check the dashboard warning lights
Check the security of seats and head restraints Check the seat belts for tears and ensure they're working correctly
Check the operation of the exterior lights Check the condition/operation of the front and rear windscreen wipers
Visually check the windscreen for chips or damage Check the mirrors for cracks or damage
Check the condition of the battery Inspect the exhaust system, for leaks, security and noise
Check the engine oil level
Check the strength of the antifreeze coolant
Check the condition and tread depth of the tyres Check the brake callipers, pads and discs
Check the brake fluid level Visually check the power steering system
Check the tyres Visually check the brake hydraulic system
Check the steering and suspension components Check the wheel bearings for excessive play and roughness


Desira Welcome Check