October Tyre Safety Month at Desira

This October at Desira we are proud to be supporting the national Tyre Safety Month by offering FREE TYRE CHECKS at all of our Desira Service Centres

If you are unsure of whether your tyres are safe, please contact us to arrange your complimentary check with one of our experts!


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Tyre Safety Check - What's Stopping You?

The only part of your car actually in contact with the road, your tyres are probably the most important factor when ensuring the safety of your journey (particularly with the colder, wetter weather fast approaching). Which makes it all the more concerning that a recent survey has found that 40% of motorists do not know what the legal limit of tread is, and further estimated that there could be as many as 18-million cars on UK roads with illegal, unsafe tyres.

Free Tyre Check

What we check:

  • Check that your tyre pressures are in line with your vehicles recommended levels
  • Check your pressures are adjusted appropriately for anyone travelling with a heavy load
  • Check tread depth in the inner, middle and outer areas of each of your tyres, including your spare (if applicable) using a tread depth gauge.
  • Check for bulges cuts and nicks in the tyre sidewall – if we find any we will advise on the best course of action.
  • A full report of the check will be provided upon completion.
  • Provide competitive quotations for the fitment of a variety of tyre brands and pricing points.

Contact your Nearest Desira Service Centre and book a Free Tyre Check