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DAB Digital Car Radio Adapter

Fitted from only £199


Radio lovers, this is a digital radio revolution, and Desira is there to help!

Are you missing out on exclusive shows, stations, the very best of music and sport? It's time to fill the void in your radio listening!

In alliance with AutoDAB, digital receivers have been designed to upgrade your existing car stereo, providing you with outstanding digital reception. They allow you to enjoy your choice of hundreds of national, regional and local radio stations on the move.

If you love radio...you'll love the benefits of digital listening In your Car

  • More of what you love: more radio stations catering for fans of all types of music, sport and chat.
  • Better reception: no hiss, crackle, fading or station overlap that you get with AM or even FM radio.
  • Easy and quick tuning: no need to remember frequencies, fiddle with a dial to get a good signal, or retune your car radio when on the move.
  • Display screen on the radio: gives you information about what you're listening to (such as song details, news headlines, email addresses).

The perfect fit for your Vehicle...

DAB digital radio coverage, including on-the-road coverage, is a priority for the UK broadcast industry and Government. Digital Radio Switchover will not become a reality until national digital coverage meets its FM equivalence (97%).

Current national BBC DAB digital radio coverage is 94%, covering the majority of motorways and A roads, with significant coverage on B roads as well. The BBC has made a commitment to provide good in-vehicle coverage for motorways and major roads, as part of its national coverage.

Installation is compatible with almost any vehicle. Why not Treat yourself to some Love this Christmas with a Digital Radio on the move, relax and immerse your senses in a whole new driving experience.

For finding out stations in your area and or any other details about DAB please visit: www.ukdigitalradio.com

For more information about the DAB Digital Radio Adapter please call us NOW on 01603 397725 or make an enquiry.