Motability Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you need to have a driving licence to qualify for the Motability scheme?

A. If you opt for our lease agreement you do not need to drive. You can nominate up to two drivers who may be friends or relatives, and parents or carers can apply on behalf of a child aged three years and upwards.

However, proposed drivers must not have any serious driving convictions, disqualifications, or endorsements within the last five years. There are also some restrictions on drivers under 25 and those with provisional licences.

Checking your eligibility:

Q. What if I Already Own a Car?

A. We know this can be a sticking point for many people which is why at Desira we offer you the option of trading in your existing privately-owned car. This allows you to use the value of your car against any possible advance payment on your new Motability car, or you can save the money to spend how you wish.

This allows you to keep your existing vehicle until the day you collect your new Motability car; which means you do not have to worry about managing without a car, even for a short time.

The price you agree with us might be lower than you could get if you sold your car privately, however it does mean you avoid the cost and hassle of a private sale.

A wide range of vehicles are available through the Motability Scheme, many at no more than the cost of your weekly mobility allowance. If you're happy to pay a little more you can increase your choice to a wider selection of models.

Q. Are there many forms to complete for Motability?

A. There is no paperwork at all – no forms to fill in, no assessments or credit checks to go through. It's all done by our trained Motability specialist.

Q. Will anyone want to check my physical condition to qualify for Motability?

A. No. There are no assessments of any kind. Provided you have at least 12 months left to run on the Higher Rate Mobility Component of the Disability Living Allowance, you are eligible.

Q. Why do some cars have advance payments on Motability and others do not?

A. There are over 2,000 cars available on the Motability Scheme, ranging from small run-arounds to people carriers. It is necessary for some larger or more expensive cars to have an advance payment as the mobility allowance does not cover the hire cost for the three year agreement. Advance payments can range from £50 up to several thousand pounds depending on the type of car chosen.

Q. How are advance payments calculated on Motability?

A. Motability's team of pricing experts negotiate with our manufacturers on your behalf to get the best price for all Motability customers. The advance payment represents the difference between the amount your allowance covers over the three year agreement period and the overall cost of the car you choose. Each individual advance payment is calculated by considering different factors, such as the initial cost of the car, servicing and maintenance and the expected resale value of the car at the end of contract.

Q. What if the advance payment changes after I have ordered my car on Motability?

A. The advance payments are calculated every three months. This means the advance payment on a car can change throughout the year. We operate a price guarantee, which means the advance payment of the car on the date you order it won't change, even if it changes whilst you are waiting for your car to be delivered.

Q.What if I need my car adapted?

A. We have a wide range of car adaptations available, many at no extra cost. If you'd like more information, please call and ask Motability for 'Make it Yours' - their free guide to adaptations.

Q. I have a good no claims history. Can I carry this forward if I leave the Car Scheme in the future?

A. The Scheme insurers, Royal & SunAlliance Motability are able to provide confirmation of the claims history on the policy.

Q. What if my circumstances change over the next three years?

A. Depending on the circumstances, Motability look at each case individually, and do their best to accommodate your new requirements.

Q. I have chosen the car I want, what should I do next?

A. Once you've chosen the car, you simply need to place your order.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further Questions or Queries

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