Experience The DS Range At Desira Group From 8th - 14th May at our Diss and Great Yarmouth branches!

Discover the technology, refinement and avant-garde style of DS Automobiles during our DS Experience week and see first-hand our exciting and varied range of cars.

Centre stage during DS Experience week is the DS 4 Crossback - the rugged adventurer of our rangewhich comes with a fantastic personal lease offer.

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Citroen DS3

The new DS 3 sports an unashamedly modern design that's true to the DS spirit of the avant-garde. The new look remains chic and compact with the 'floating roof', 'shark fin' shaped side pillar and multiple bodywork and roof paint combinations.

Citroen DS4

You may think this much versatility impossible for one car. The Citroën DS4 from our dealership really does offer it all. The cabin's quiet and has enough room for everyone and all engines offer high performance on the road. The driver's position has been upgraded and placed higher, whilst a new panoramic windscreen gives you a far wider view. All impressive for a car less than five metres long.

Citroen DS5

The innovative Citroën DS5 at our dealership is small and mighty. Up to 200bhp comes from the diesel-electric hybrid engine system. Thanks to this, it's exempt from the London Congestion Charge. You'll find handy features including colour displays and electronic driver support. Make it personal with body style options and in-cabin WiFi. You can even fit a DVD player for on-the-road entertainment.

†* Terms and conditions apply. Please see dealer for more information.