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Desira Group is excited to announce our partnership with JAECOO as they debut in the UK market. As a brand-new off-road brand, the name JAECOO is inspired by a fusion of the German word "Jäger" and the English word "Cool." This melding captures both off-road and urbanism while exuding a refined style and quality that imparts a mission of brave exploration and unwavering perseverance. Together, we're set to redefine the automotive landscape with JAECOO's innovative approach and Desira's renowned service excellence. Get ready for an unparalleled driving experience!

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JAECOO Norwich
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JAECOO in desert

JAECOO is tirelessly dedicated to innovation and breakthroughs, leading the new urban off-road trend with exceptional four-wheel-drive performance, remarkable safety features, and forward-thinking intelligent technologies. Inheriting the genes of meticulous luxury, it blends the wisdom and craftsmanship of master design teams from the UK, Germany, and other countries, setting a new standard for urban off-road SUVs.

In the future, JAECOO will actively promote the concept of sustainable development, combining all-road capabilities with new energy solutions, creating a more efficient and environmentally friendly off-road performance to provide a more comfortable and greener travel experience for the urban elite.

JAECOO 7 Interior