The Desira C5 Aircross Moroccan Adventure!

Find Out about our Journey from Norwich > Marrakech.

We drove a sporty looking White Citroen C5 Aircross fully loaded from Norwich to Marrakech. After landing at Bilbao the car easily cruised down Spain to Marbella in under 9 hours.

In Morocco we climbed into the Talassemtane National Park in the Rif Mountains, and crossed the Atlas Mountains via Fes and Midelt. We drove into the Sahara desert at Merzouga, explored deep gorges at Todra and Dades, and did some off-road driving across rough terrain.

The car gobbled up the motorway between Rabat and the Straits of Gibraltar. Over the 4,500 mile mountainous journey in testing conditions, the car averaged 52.5 mpg.

Comfort: The adaptive cruise control is very advanced both in terms of distance control from other vehicles and the keep lane assist function is very smooth. The result is a much greater state of relaxation while driving and not feeling tired after a long journey.

The seats were good combination of firmness and comfort with electric settings on the drivers seat and as we found out by accident on one occasion... it has very good seat heating.

The ease of handling was remarkable while driving across rough terrain and motorways alike.

The Apple CarPlay feature was very useful in the country for which the Sat-Nav is not programmed, enabling Google Maps or other to be transferred from the phone.
The car’s engine and road noise are low enabling easy listening to Vivaldi at 120kph.

The controls are very handy with an excellent switch to disable the AC if you want to open the sunroof or a window quickly to pay a toll charge. There is a Pad below the dash for wireless charging while a 2nd phone is being charged from a USB port.

AC was necessary in temperatures of over 40 C and very effective and well distributed.

Another useful feature when loaded down with shopping is the remote boot opening by foot.

We loved the car.