What is AdBlue and what does it do?

AdBlue is a highly purified colorless liquid. It contains demineralized water and uear (32.5%). AdBlue is used with diesel engines and is also known outside of Europe as DEF, ARLA or AUS 32.

The main active component is ammonia. This is chemically formed by hydrolising automotive urea, which is the main raw material for AdBlue. Urea is also used in the production of fertilizers and many more applications. AdBlue is used with diesel engines using SCR technology. This technology (Selective Catalytic Reduction) reduces harmful emissions (NOx).

Do I need AdBlue?

If you use a modern diesel powered machine fitted with an SCR catalyst, you will need AdBlue.

Why do I need AdBlue?

Your vehicle needs AdBlue to reduce NOx output. Due to the increasingly stringent emission legislation, diesel engines need to run more cleanly. NOx standards have sharpened for the transportation vehicles, as well as off-road vehicles and passenger cars.

Will I need AdBlue in the future?

Yes, you probably will.

Based on the current developments in engine technology, if you run a diesel engine you will still need NOx reducing fluids in the future.

Is AdBlue hazardous?

No, AdBlue is not a hazardous substance. It has no known significant effects or critical hazards. The raw material, urea, even occurs naturally in our digestive system. However, ingesting AdBlue or inhaling AdBlue vapors could cause an allergic reaction.

Where can I buy AdBlue?

You can purchase AdBlue from your nearest Desira dealership, for only £9.99 +VAT for 10 litres!

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