Why fit winter tyres?

With the colder weather setting in, it's worth considering fitting Winter tyres to your car, available atDesira from as little as £50. Winter tyres provide a much firmer grip on the road during cold and icy conditions due to the fact that they don't harden at low temperatures, this can greatly reduce the chance of an accident as the cold weather sets in. Winter tyres are as quiet and comfortable as summer tyres and thanks to new sophisticated compound technology, will last just as long.

What's the difference between winter tyres and summer tyres?

There is a slight trade-off with stopping distances as a winter tyre does not stop as quickly in the dry as a summer tyre. However, if it is not possible to switch tyres in the winter, experts say you are better off with winter tyres all year round. This is because the difference in stopping distances of summer tyres in winter is far greater than winter tyres in the summer.

The key differences are as follows:

  • They use a softer rubber compound (usually by including more natural rubber in the mix),
  • The surface of the tread blocks is covered with little jagged slits – called sipes,
  • They generally have deeper tread grooves than a conventional summer tyre.

On ice and snow, winter tyres provide a level of grip that no summer tyre can match. A vehicle fitted with winter tyres will come to standstill on a snow-covered road (from a speed of just 30mph) after 35 metres - with normal tyres the braking distance required is 43 metres - another two car lengths!