With the changing weather comes challenging road conditions, especially when snow and ice strike.

Did you know that breakdowns are more common in the winter than any other time of the year? Staying safe on the roads during the winter months is as much about careful planning as it is about careful driving. Let us give you a few tips to keep your journeys this winter as safe as possible.

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  • Don’t leave your wipers on auto when you park up if there’s a risk of frost
  • Air-con demists the screen faster & reduces condensation
  • If you have to clear snow, don’t forget the lights – front and back
  • Replace worn or damaged wiper blades
  • Don't pour very hot water direct from a kettle onto your windscreen - you risk cracking it with the extreme change in temperature

Batteries & Electrics

  • Turn off all electrical equipment (lights, heated rear windows, radios, etc) before attempting to start your car
  • Use the starter in short 5 second bursts
  • If the engine doesn't start promptly, wait 30 seconds between repeated attempts


  • We recommend at least 3mm of tread for the winter
  • Don't let air out of your tyres to get more grip – it doesn't work, and it’s unsafe
  • Think about getting winter tyres or all-season tyres


Make sure that your keep your Antifreeze topped up during the colder months - a frozen and cracked engine would be very costly to repair.

We offer an Antifreeze Check and Top-Up service that will protect your vehicle down to -34C.